Illuminating Races at Night

In 2020 The iconic Sydney Motorsports Park underwent a significant upgrade with the aim of giving spectators the most exceptional experience when viewing races at night. The team at JN were involved in the electrical engineering design of 8 tracks in total, as well as ensuring the grandstand was brought up to current standards and codes.

Each of the 8 track lighting configurations needed to work both independently as well as communicate with each other in any number of combinations depending on the portions of track being used during an event. This involved over 120 lighting poles and communications fibres meticulously arranged throughout the tracks, ensuring each pole communicated back to the signal relay. Knowing the final product required clear visibility in the dark of night, our team worked to design a solution that would prevent voltage drops along the track whilst delivering strong illumination.

Working with an established facility was not without challenges. It was essential that the design and inspections did not interfere with the track, requiring careful pit and ducting underground locating. This was vital in ensuring zero damage to the track to retain official FIA grading, which could have had costly consequences.

Working on such an iconic and unique project as the Sydney Motorsports Park has been a great opportunity for our team to use their skills and knowledge in an out of the ordinary way.