Our directors bring knowledge and experience across all areas of our business.

Our directors are responsible for setting overall corporate strategy, monitoring the company’s performance, and are always acting in the best interest of the company.

Greg Chambers

Managing Director NSW

With over 25 years’ experience and an intuitive and recognised talent for forward-thinking, Greg is a leading force within the JN leadership team. As of 2024 Greg has stepped into the role of Managing Director, previously operating as Leader of Strategy and Development and Building Services Manager to our City team.

Drawing on his experience as an Electrical Engineer and as manager of our Building Services City team, he is adept at coordinating people and projects, and forging long-term partnerships that work to enhance the JN promise experience. His philosophy of constant betterment drives continuous improvement across all functions of the JN service offering, and his collaborative approach is appreciated by clients and partners alike.

Greg is also a Fellow of Engineers Australia – Fellows of Engineers Australia are recognised as being amongst the true leaders of the industry and a recognition of eminence within the engineering profession.

Greg’s CV

Mark Molloy


Mark has over 30 years’ experience as a Structural Engineer, manager and business leader. His extensive career spans countries and continents, from England to Germany, through the Middle East to Australia, where he has been involved in a range of large-scale projects that have established his industry renown. His work with Sydney’s World Square, and the award-winning Brick Pit Ring at Sydney Olympic Park, are some of the highlight achievements of his impressive portfolio.

Before becoming JN’s Managing Director in 2013, Mark was the leader of our structural team, overseeing large mixed-use residential, commercial and industrial projects. As of 2024 Mark has taken the step to hand over leadership of JN to Greg Chambers. Mark will continue to provide support across JN and looks forward to taking up the tools once again managing projects.

Mark Molloy’s CV

Stephen Falkner

Managing Director QLD

Stephen is a qualified Civil and Structural Engineer with 30 years’ experience in both civil and structural engineering. His expertise covers residential, commercial, defence, industrial, solar and sustainable energy, aged care developments and marinas in the public and private sector. His current involvement in projects from North Queensland down the east coast of Australia to Victoria reflects the demand for his expertise, and credentials in each state. He has worked on numerous Land and Environment Court cases within NSW as an expert witness in the field of Civil, Traffic and Flood Engineering. He has resolved many issues and achieved positive outcomes for clients through these proceedings.

Stephen has been with JN for 14 years, starting as a Project Engineer before managing the NSW Civil team. In 2016, he took JN into Queensland and northern NSW. He now leads JN’s Queensland division, with a pragmatic approach to provide creative and innovative solutions to each project he oversees.

Stephen Falkner’s CV

Anthony Down

Director | Structural Services

Anthony’s diverse range of experience, gained over almost 20 years as a Structural Engineer within Australia and overseas, qualifies him for his important role in leading JN’s Structural team.

His portfolio of projects is significant, including the Heathrow T3 Futures Development, European Residence Building (Brussels) and Carnes Hill Library and recreational hall. Prior to joining JN in 2012, Anthony was a senior engineer at Taylor Thomson Whiting, where he contributed to major projects, such as Sydney’s Star Casino.

Anthony Down’ CV

Scott McLaughlin

Director | Building Services

Scott leads the Building Services department in our Sutherland office, drawing on over 20 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer as he and the team coordinate design solutions for our clients.

Scott McLaughlin’s CV