Female Leadership – A Champion of change

An incredible result for JN’s Neasha Jeffery, accepting a ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the ‘Champions of Change – Female Leadership’ category. An outstanding accomplishment and recognition for her work. Awarded by Consult Australia at the National Awards Gala Dinner last night in Sydney that saw the crowning of the “best of the best” in our industry.

What makes Neasha a champion of change
Neasha Jeffery is an unassuming leader. Leading by passion for what she does. Getting done what is necessary to do, but always finding the best way to do it – with thought, meaning, empathy and consideration.

True leadership is not a title for her, but a way of being. Rarely in organisations do we find a leader who fully embodies authentic leadership, leading by lifestyle.

Her style to leading is demonstrated by how she shows up in this world. It’s probably no wonder that Neasha has her feet firmly on the ground, stability being a valuable stature especially for the teams that she leads.
Peter Drucker’s famously once defined leadership as: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. Doing the right things is just who Neasha is. She has an undeniable respect for every element of the process and the people involved across projects, regardless of position.

Neasha grew up not really knowing what she wanted to do in life, certainly she had no aspirations to be an engineer in Year 12. Unknowingly this is where her training started. Her father at the time owned a steel fabrication business and she joined as a labourer and trade assistant. Labouring quickly moved to drafting and transitioned to steel shop drawings, gaining her qualifications to be able to be part of the planning and design stage. This is where her passion and love of detail and process really began. Her natural ability with numbers and unwavering approach to do her job, and do it well.

They say that many great leaders come from humble beginnings and Neasha is no exception. With a deep love for the environment and animals, herself and her husband run and live at a beef cattle farm in Taralga. Waking up each day to care for the cattle allows Neasha time to be grounded, keep perspective and stay connected but focused. It’s this daily dose of care for animals that Neasha is able to adapt for her working environment. A nurturer, a listener and guide.
From the first moment Neasha joined JN Responsive Engineering, it was immediately apparent how unique she was. She was unstoppable, passionate and fearless. JN at the time had a head office in Sutherland, and although Neasha was happy to commute to Wollongong, she suggested she could help drum up business in the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands areas. Single handed, Neasha made cold calls, knocked on doors and created enough business to be able to build two new branch offices in the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands.

JN’s Managing Director Mark Molloy; “As a highly capable structural engineer Neasha has always contributed to the technical expertise in the company. However, her greatest contribution has been building the business and brand in the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands. She is highly respected by the construction industry in these areas and has grown an engineering team delivering excellence to our clients.”
Neasha has contributed a way of thinking, a truly responsive approach to every brief and project. She is not out to find the obvious or easiest solution, but the best possible solution and outcome.
This is a contribution to JN Responsive Engineering that does not go unnoticed. Wes Goodwin, JN Responsive Engineering Senior Structural BIM Technician says, “Neasha is well known for putting the responsive into JN’s Responsive Engineering”.

  • Taralga is the traditional land of the Gundungurra people.

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