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Electrical engineering

Our electrical engineers pride themselves on knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, beyond what the rest of us can see. Their designs are not only completed to the required standards and regulations, they’re executed with artistry to ensure visual appeal.

Lighting design is perhaps where our creative capabilities are most apparent. We’ve gained extensive experience creating beautiful outcomes for retail and residential developments, as well as pubs, hotels and commercial offices.

We also work in external lighting design, including floodlighting and lighting for roadways, parkways, skate parks, facades, car parks and recreational areas. Our electrical expertise, however, goes far beyond lighting.

We specialise in:

  • Internal and external lighting design
  • Power distribution
  • Standby power systems
  • Communications
  • Security systems

Across the board at JN we have an affinity for sustainable design; our electrical team is no exception. We’ve had great success balancing the needs of our clients in this regard and have contributed to numerous award-winning projects over the years.