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JN has a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technical experts at your service.

Our leadership team will be collaborating and creating with you to get the job done.

Mark Molloy

Managing Director NSW

Mark has over 30 years’ experience as a Structural Engineer, manager and business leader. His career has taken him from England to Germany, the Middle East and Australia, where he has been involved in a range of large-scale projects, including at Sydney’s World Square, the award-winning Brick Pit Ring at Sydney Olympic Park. Before becoming JN’s Managing Director in 2013, Mark was the leader of our structural team, overseeing large mixed-use residential, commercial and industrial projects. Mark remains directly involved in individual projects and with his energy and enthusiasm for the construction industry he inspires those around him.

Owen O'Brien

Director | Remedial Works Manager

Owen is the longest serving member of the JN team and the head of our Remedial department. Owen came to JN in 1986 as a qualified Engineer and has since built a career spanning multiple disciplines including structural, civil and remedial. Since 2015, Owen has focussed on asset management, remedial works and the restoration of building structures. His expert judgement has been demonstrated on many residential and commercial buildings as well as civil infrastructure such as bridges and retaining walls.

Stephen Falkner

Managing Director QLD

Stephen is a qualified Civil Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in both civil and structural engineering. His expertise covers residential, commercial, industrial and aged care developments in the public and private sector. Stephen has been with JN for almost 10 years, starting as a Project Engineer before managing our Civil team in southern NSW. In 2016, he took JN into south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. He now leads JN’s Gold Coast office, bringing creative solutions to each project he oversees.

Greg Chambers

Strategy and Development

As Leader of Strategy and Development, Greg guides the growth and direction of JN. Drawing on his experience as an Electrical Engineer and as the Manager of our Building Services team, he is adept at coordinating people and projects and at forging long-term partnerships. With over 20 years’ experience, Greg is an integral part of the JN leadership team. His determination to see JN advance drives continuous improvement across the company and his collaborative approach is appreciated by clients and partners alike.

Scott McMillan

Civil Manager

Scott McMillan is a Civil Project Engineer with 37 years experience. Having been with Jones Nicholson since 1990, Scott's long association with the company puts him in a unique position of having experienced the company's growth and expansion.

In addition to major Civil and Traffic Engineering experience. Scott leads the NSW Civil Engineering department.

Anthony Down

Structural Manager

Anthony’s range of experience, gained over almost 20 years as a Structural Engineer within Australia and internationally holds him in good stead to lead JN’s Structural team. His portfolio of projects is significant, including the Heathrow T3 Futures Development, European Residence Building (Brussels) and Carnes Hill Library and recreational hall . Prior to joining JN in 2012, Anthony was a senior engineer at Taylor Thomson Whiting, where he contributed to projects such as the Sydney’s Star Casino.

Dave Sanders

BIM Design & Documentation Manager

Dave has over 20 years’ experience in the engineering industry. He joined JN as a Senior Draftsperson in 2002 and has since been instrumental in helping us keep pace with changes in technology. Dave was an early adopter of REVIT/BIM, and his passion for sophisticated engineering tools and innovative systems has continued unabated. JN employs a range of software, to enhance productivity and identify internal clashes. With quality control and the continuous improvement in mind, Dave oversees the education and training of JN drafting staff and today leads a team of exceptional BIM technicians & designers.

Scott McLaughlin

Building Services Manager (Sutherland)

Scott leads the Building Services department in our Sutherland office, drawing on over 15 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer as he and the team coordinate design solutions for our clients.

Alan Hamilton

Associate Structural Engineer

Alan Hamilton is an Associate Structural Engineer with over 33 years’ experience and leads a team of engineers to coordinate the design solutions for our clients.

Mark Williams

Associate Structural Engineer | Office Manager (Sutherland)

Mark’s contribution to JN is not confined to his position as an Associate Structural Engineer, his job also entails the demanding role of Office Manager. This additional role, alongside its varied responsibilities which include Quality Assurance, BCA/NCC Compliance reports and WHS education and compliance, is fulfilled by Mark with the same professionalism and ‘can do’ attitude that our clients have become accustomed to during his 16 years at Jones Nicholson.

Gerardo Suarez

Associate Structural Engineer

Gerardo Suarez is an Associate Structural Engineer with 35 years’ experience and leads a team of engineers to coordinate the design solutions for our clients.

Brendan Dowling

Associate Hydraulic Engineer

Brendan Dowling is an Associate Hydraulic Engineer with 4 years’ trade experience and 10 years’ design experience. He leads a team of engineers, coordinating design solutions for our clients.

Darren Lang

Associate Hydraulic Engineer

Darren Lang is an Associate Hydraulic Engineer with 10 years’ trade experience and 11 years’ design experience. He leads a team of engineers, coordinating design solutions for our clients.

Onil Govind Suresh

Associate Electrical Engineer

Onil Govind Suresh is an Associate Electrical Engineer with 12 years’ experience. He leads a team of engineers, coordinating design solutions for our clients.

Billy Adzioski

Associate Civil Engineer

Billy Adzioski is an Associate Civil Engineer with over 10 years’ experience. He leads a team of engineers, coordinating design solutions for our clients.

Neasha Jeffery

Structural Project Engineer

Neasha Jeffrey is a Structural Project Engineer and also heads up our Goulburn and Moss Vale offices working to coordinate the design solutions for our clients.