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Scott McMillan

Scott is a Civil Project Engineer with 37 years’ experience. Working for Jones Nicholson since 1990, Scott’s long association with the company puts him in the unique position of having experienced the company’s growth and expansion, affording him a perspective to best future-plan the JN evolution.

In addition to major Civil and Traffic Engineering experience, Scott leads the NSW Civil Engineering department.

Dave Sanders

Dave has over 20 years’ experience in the engineering industry. He joined JN as a Senior Draftsperson in 2002 and has since been instrumental in helping us keep pace with changes in technology.

Dave was an early adopter of REVIT/BIM, and his passion for sophisticated engineering tools and innovative systems has continued unabated. JN employs a range of software, to enhance productivity and identify internal clashes. With quality control and the continuous improvement in mind, Dave oversees the education and training of JN drafting staff and today leads a team of exceptional BIM technicians and designers.

Christopher Low

Chris joined JN in 2018. Since then, he has progressed in his career where he now leads the Building Services team and contributes to the growth of our Sydney office.

Chris has been involved in the design, project management and delivery of several major projects across the United States and Australia. He offers innovative solutions, outside the box thinking and high-quality services for our clients, delivering excellent solutions through a clear understanding of client expectations.

Chris has strong attention to detail and looks ahead, anticipating and responding to change with agility driven to find the ideal solution. He has experience in the design and management of engineering services for a wide range of projects and sectors, including industrial, commercial, retail, public, residential, education, telecommunication and healthcare.

Kim Ziems

As Commercial Manager, Kim oversees the operations side of the business, from Finance and Administration through to Facilities, HR, QMS and Learning & Development.

Working within the Senior Leadership Team and by fostering collaborative relationships across all the business, Kim aims to optimise operational efficiencies and develop our team to deliver exceptional results. With a focus on implementing innovative strategies that align with JN’s goals and, with her passion for driving business success, Kim is poised to make a significant contribution to JN’s continued success.

Kim brings over 25 years’ worth of experience in commercial financial management and operations, with expertise in strategic planning, process improvement, and team leadership, she is well placed to understand the needs of JN.

Owen O’Brien

Owen is the longest serving member of the JN team and the head of our Remedial department. Owen came to JN in 1986 as a qualified Engineer and has since built a career spanning multiple disciplines including structural, civil and remedial. Working in three engineering disciplines has given Owen unique experience and since 2015, he has focused has focused on asset management, remedial works and the restoration of building structures.

His expert judgement has been demonstrated on many residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings as well as civil infrastructure such as bridges and retaining walls.

Owen O’Brien’s CV

Alan Hamilton

Alan Hamilton is an Associate Structural Engineer with over 33 years’ experience and leads a team of engineers to coordinate the design solutions for our clients.

Mark Williams

Mark is a long-standing member with over 26 years with JN his experience and knowledge is wide and great as Associate Structural Engineer. Mark also has other responsibilities which include Quality Assurance, BCA/NCC Compliance reports and WHS education and compliance, is fulfilled by Mark with the same professionalism and ‘can do’ attitude that our clients have become accustomed to during his time at Jones Nicholson.

Gerardo Suarez

Gerardo Suarez is an Associate Structural Engineer with 35 years’ experience and leads a team of engineers to coordinate the design solutions for our clients.

Neasha Jeffery

Neasha Jeffrey is an Associate Structural Engineer and also heads up our Goulburn and Moss Vale offices working to coordinate the design solutions for our clients.

Chris Guild

Chris has over 11 years’ experience in Structural design, including steel, concrete and composite structures, both new and heritage structures, as well as some experience in the design of marine structures.

Chris also has experience with site works and upgrading/strengthening of existing structures, as well as construction support for various structural projects, which has seen him exposed to the importance of design coordination and various buildability issues involved with structural design, particularly when heritage aspects are to be considered.

Through the various types of projects Chris has worked on, he has gained special competence in the field of finite element modelling by utilising programs such as SLABS, Inducta RCB, PTD and SLB, Microstran and SpaceGass for design components.

Robert Tupanceski

Robert Tupanceski is an Associate Structural Engineer with over 15 years’ experience. He leads a team of engineers, coordinating design solutions for our clients.

Claudia Novati

Claudia Novati is an Associate Civil Engineer with 17 years’ experience.

Based in Moss Vale, Claudia is responsible for Civil design, client liaison, fee proposals, and she manages multi-discipline projects, plan the delivery of projects, implementing project management procedures and maintaining quality assurance.

Robert Mahony

Robert Mahony is an Associate Civil Engineer with 9 years’ experience.

Based in Sutherland, Robert leads a team of civil engineers and is responsible for Civil design, client liaison, fee proposals. He manages multi-discipline projects, planning the delivery, implementing project management procedures and maintaining quality assurance.

Grant McMurray

Grant McMurray is an Associate Hydraulic Engineer with over 14 years’ trade experience and 5 years’ design and project management experience. He leads a team of engineers, coordinating design solutions for our clients.

Moath Khazendar

Moath Khazendar is an Associate Electrical Engineer with 15 years’ experience.

Moath is responsible for Sutherland electrical team leadership, design, client liaison, fee proposals, and he manages multi-discipline projects, plan the delivery of projects, implementing structural project management procedures and maintaining quality assurance.

Marc Stocks Associate Mechanical Engineer

Marc Stocks

Marc Stocks is an Associate Mechanical Engineer with 11 years’ experience.

Marc is responsible for Sydney CBD mechanical team leadership, design, client liaison, fee proposals, and he manages multi-discipline projects, plan the delivery of projects, implementing project management procedures and maintaining quality assurance.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher is an Associate Remedial Engineer with over 11 years’ experience. During his career, Andrew has worked on a wide range of complex projects encompassing the strata, commercial, and private dwelling sectors. Andrew is highly experienced in the remedial engineering field and is an expert in major building repairs, refurbishment, and renovation/upgrade works. Andrew is known for managing and Superintending complex remedial and structural building projects from conception through to completion. With a wealth of experience in Building Defect inspection and reporting matters, including Minor and Major Building Defect claims, Andrew is a standout professional in his field.

As a qualified Registered Professional Engineer and Registered Design Practitioner under the requirements of the NSW Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020, Andrew is responsible for compiling technical specifications and design drawings for regulated works on Class 2 (multi-residential) Buildings in NSW.

Andrew leads a team of remedial engineers in our Sutherland Office and is known for his ability to build and maintain trusting and valuable working relationships with all his Clients and relevant stakeholders.

Bridget Chikara

As JN’s Accountant Bridget is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the business, working closely with the Senior Leadership Team and our Accounting partners to ensure accurate and efficient financial operations. Bridget joined JN as a graduate and stepped into the role of manager in 2019. In her role as Accountant, Bridget also oversees our Business Support team, ensuring efficient process is maintained and continually bettered. Bridget has 6 years’ experience in accounting and has been working with JN for over 3 years.

Amie James

As Human Resource Manager, Amie is key to successful HR management at JN. Amie’s role covers all aspects of Human Resources, from recruitment through to people management, employee engagement and change management.

Maintaining constant contact with our Senior Leadership Team, Amie keeps a finger on the pulse across regulatory requirements, cultural sensitivities and individual employee needs to ensure our whole team has the support it needs. Amie has over 17 years’ experience within human resources and recruitment across various industries.

Lesley Wood

Lesley is the QMS & Learning Manager who manages JN’s continued accreditation to international Standards ISO-9001:2015, ISO-45001:2018, ISO-4801:2001 and ISO-14001:2015.  Lesley assists the Senior Leadership Team with the continual improvement and development of new processes, along with monitoring employee compliance. Lesley has over 25 years’ experience in senior administration and marketing and has been with JN for over 9 years.

Sonia Merciai

Sonia supports Human Resources and Learning Management. Sonia’s support for Human Resources and Learning Management is incredibly valuable for JN. HR involves managing and supporting employees throughout their employment lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and offboarding. Sonia assists with tasks such as employee data management, leave management, performance reviews, and policy dissemination.

Learning Management focuses on the administration and delivery of training and development programs within our organisation. Sonia can aid in organising training materials, creating and tracking learning modules, managing course registrations, and generating reports on training progress and completion.