REX Hanger, Sydney Airport

Upgrade to an existing Regional Express airport hangar.

As Rex has been growing, both the number and size of aircraft in their fleet, they had outgrown the existing hanger facility at Sydney airport. The new hanger is a much larger facility to incorporate larger planes for required maintenance activities. JN Structural Engineering Team looked at the design of the truss structure with a clear span of 50m and a ridge height of 17m. The structure also had to accommodate a number of crane beam structures to assist in the maintenance activities required on the aircraft. JN Consulting Engineers also provided Building Services Engineering for the project which needed to incorporate a foam dousing sprinkler system in the hanger. JN Civil Engineering Team ensured that the levels and gradients for the new slabs could transition and were compliant with the rest of the airport apron.

Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic

JN Project Team
Structural Engineer – Anthony Down
Mechanical Engineer – Lawrence Fraser & Shane Beresford
Electrical Engineer – David Wong
Hydraulic Engineer – Brendon Murr
Civil Engineer – Robert Mahony

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