Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

Ennis Road Bays Office Refurbishment

In response to the NSW Government’s decentralisation policy, RMS wanted to refurbish and revitalise ‘the bays’ at Ennis Road, Kirribilli, so they could relocate approximately 250 of their employees.

The bays had been built below ground level, into the Cahill Expressway viaduct, as part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge works during the 1930s. The project saw JN working with Hassel Architects and AW Edwards to produce an award-winning solution for accommodating staff in the “Bradfield Bunker,” as it was dubbed.

The original two-storey workshop areas were altered, expanded and restored into modern offices with improved functionality and use of space. JN engineered structural modifications to create more space and open up new thoroughfares. We designed new air conditioning and ventilation systems, general and specialty lighting, power systems, sanitary plumbing, stormwater drainage, hot and cold water systems and fire systems throughout. We also designed a new internal roofing structure to capture seeping water from the road above and reduce noise.

Being part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Cahill Expressway, all aspects of the design required close coordination and consideration of heritage elements.