UTS Multi-Functional Tech Lab

Botany, Alexandra

The job involved a fit out of an existing warehouse/office structure for the creation of new UTS Tech lab centre in Botany. 

We were involved in designing many different spaces which were to be as open and transparent as possible to facilitate collaboration and ideas sharing. 

The project gave us a unique opportunity to design some interesting elements like a reaction floor and Acoustic and Anochoic chambers among some of the many specialist laboratory spaces that were designed.

Look at the project here burtenshawscoufis.com.au/project/uts-feit/

JN Project Team: Project Manager – Anthony Downs 

Discipline: Structural, Civil, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical

Client: Burtenshaw Scoufis   (burtenshawscoufis.com.au)

UTS Tech Lab (techlab.uts.edu.au)

Engineer: JN Responsive Engineering (jn.com.au)