Business as usual in 2020

To our valued clients and suppliers,

With the world as we know it experiencing dramatic change due to COVID-19, we want to take a moment to assure you that we continue to operate with business as usual, within the parameters set out by the Federal Government and the Australian Department of Health.

In over 50 years of business, JN has experienced and weathered many challenges. We’ve come to recognise change as opportunity, knowing that adaptive response is crucial to success within a fast-paced and unpredictable world. We have many exciting projects on the horizon, and we look forward to continuing our work on these, and meeting the challenges within a shifting operating environment.

With many offices across Australia’s eastern seaboard, we are no stranger to working collaboratively. We are grateful to have the technological infrastructure available to easily transition our workspaces in response to the health considerations that the current situation demands. Our team remains strong, skilled and committed to delivering work at the highest standard, even as staff members transition to flexible working arrangements.

Our systems have undergone heavy testing over the past number of weeks to ensure that we are able to continually deliver during challenging times. We are more assured than ever that whatever the situation demands, our team will be able to work efficiently and cohesively to deliver the excellent work we are known for.

Site visits and inspections will continue to be carried out whilst practising the social distancing and hygiene rules set out by the Australian Department of Health. Our team are taking this very seriously. Some of our clients include aged and health care providers and our mandate for responsible service has never been more important.

We have six company values here at JN, including Thinking Ahead, Teamwork and Building and Maintaining Trusting Relationships. All six of our values form the glue that holds us together, and while we are focused on living them each and every day, it’s times like these where their importance counts the most.

Our aim is for our clients to have no cause to notice our shift from traditional workspace to work-from-home operation, and then back again once the COVID-19 situation ends.

Stay safe and keep reaching out. We’re here for you.