St Patricks Day

Celebrating Irish contribution

As we prepare to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this Friday, we would like to take this opportunity to recognise the integral role the Irish continue to play in the construction industry in Australia.

Many Irish workers arrived in Australia during the 19th century, finding themselves working across major infrastructure projects such as the Great Southern Railway and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Irish also played a significant role in the construction of Australia’s major cities, including Melbourne and Sydney, where they worked on the construction of many of the city’s landmarks.

Today, the Irish continue to be an important part of the construction industry in Australia, with many Irish workers finding employment in a range of construction-related roles, from builders and engineers to architects and project managers. The Irish have brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction as their contribution to the industry in Australia continues.

JN as an organisation has a growing Irish influence amongst its teams, including Managing Director Mark Molloy who immigrated from Ireland in 2004, joining JN in 2005.