Directing the future

After over 50 years in business, JN has undergone many changes, from trading names and expanded disciplines through to new locations and leaders. If there is one thing we know, it’s that stable and considered leadership has allowed us to succeed within shifting global, local and industry contexts. 

In recent years, our board of directors have spent time looking to the future to plan for how we can continue to strengthen our management team and empower our employees to do what they do best.

Today, we are delighted to announce three additions to our Board of Directors: Anthony Down, Greg Chambers and Scott McLaughlin. 

Many of our existing clients will be familiar with these names, as all three have risen through the ranks with over 45 years’ combined experience at JN. Their intimate knowledge of our company is one of many reasons they were elected to board directorship. Anthony, Greg and Scott each have a long-standing record of success in all aspects of the business, encompassing people management, project management, client relations and, of course, their individual expertise as reputable engineers who understand not only what good work looks like, but what it takes to create it.

By choosing from within JN’s talent pool, we are also creating scope for other team members to step up and take on new opportunities that recognise and utilise their talents. Essentially, it comes down to our belief that supporting and encouraging our team members’ growth only serves to enhance our service capabilities.

So why bring on three additional directors? We believe there is no perfect number in a leadership team, but rather the right combination of skills and experience conducive to the success of our business and our clients. Our new directors bring their own perspectives, communication styles and disciplinary expertise to fill out a well-rounded leadership team. 

We look forward to seeing them shine in their new roles, watching the JN team thrive under their leadership and witnessing their contribution to the evolution and constant betterment of the JN service offering.