Award Winning Project – Stephenson’s Mill

Photography: Neil Waldron

Our Associate Structural Engineer, Neasha Jeffery, worked closely with Hector Abraham Architects in successfully supporting the delivery of this award winning project.

Beautifully converted, Stephenson’s Mill was recognised with the 2022 NSW Architecture Awards Heritage – Conservation Commendation, as well as the Adaptive Re-use Award in the 2022 National Trust Heritage Awards.

The design of the Stephenson’s Mill, once known as Crookwell Flour Mill, required JN’s Structural Engineer to oversee the sensitive original roofing structure. The focus was to refurbish this heritage listed flour mill to a habitable dwelling, including a sympathetic engineering solution that retains the original roofing structure. With careful consideration of zoning and heritage criteria, Neasha maintained open communication throughout the process to ensure any issues were resolved early on, resulting in a smooth construction process and a successful outcome.

Engineering Disciplines: Structural, Remedial

Engineer: JN Responsive Engineering ( | Neasha Jeffery Associate Structural Engineer (Project Manager)

Architect: Hector Abrahams Architects (

Builder: Jewell Builders Pty Ltd (

Engineering Consultants:  JN Responsive Engineering