Oallen Ford Bridge


Eighty years after its construction, Oallen Ford Road needed a new bridge crossing at the Shoalhaven River. Flooding was a recurring problem, as were load restrictions and tight bends on the approaches to the bridge.

JN was commissioned by Goulburn Mulwaree Council to design a new, two-lane concrete bridge. Our Civil and Structural teams provided five design options with strategic cost estimates. The designs for consideration included road deviations, multi-span Super T, precast modular options and a temporary culvert bridge for use during the construction period. Designs were also provided for other temporary works, including coffer dams, a temporary access road and riverbank stabilisation.

The new bridge was built five metres higher than the previous structure to increase the integrity of the bridge access during high-rain periods. Our improvements have straightened out the dangerous bends, with previous load restrictions no longer applicable. JN maintained the same engineering team from the concept design phase through to completion to ensure stable and responsive client service.